MAY 15, 2021



All riders on both routes start together, headed westbound on a wide gravel road for a good warm-up.

If you are up for a big day, the 71-mile route will not disappoint. How does 5600 feet of climbing on dirt and gravel sound? We hope you weren’t expecting a bunch of pavement!

Our Wild West gravel goes deep into the backcountry, taking in the full gamut of conditions: smooth, rugged, rutty, rocky, sandy, steep. Be ready for a challenge! 

There are two timed segments. The first – The Valley and the Goblins – starts at mile 5.1 and finishes at mile 11.8. The segment begins on a gentle-grade county road. Towards the top, the road gets steeper, but be careful for the rough descent at mile 10.1. Zoom past the Goblins rock formation on your right (be sure to stop on your way back!), then get ready for the final uphill grind to the finish of the segment. We’d suggest waiting just past the finish of the timed segment for your buddies, taking on some water and taking in the views.

Wild Horse Gravel is not tame

Check out the interactive map below for details and photos. To ensure Wild Horse Gravel is welcomed back, please stay on the designated routes only and respect the environment.. Permits are pending.