MAY 11, 2019



All routes start together, headed westbound on a wide gravel road for a good warm-up. 

If you are up for a big day, the 80-mile route will not disappoint. How does 7,200 feet of climbing on steep dirt and gravel sound?

Every single inch of this gravel sportive is on gravel. We hope you weren’t expecting a bunch of pavement!

Being the Wild West, our Colorado gravel route isn’t just wide-open roads; we go deep into the backcountry on rugged two-tracks as well. 

The mid-point is punctuated with a stunning overlook view of the Colorado River. From there, it’s a steady push up to 7,100 feet. From there, you might be tempted to head straight back to the High Lonesome Ranch on the main gravel road – and you can – but the full 80-mile route tackles one last steep climb. It’s just two miles, but at an average gradient of 8% it’s going to sting!

Once atop the ridge, it’s time to enjoy a winding cruise with expansive views of the entire valley below before finishing with a steep, slaloming descent back down to the High Lonesome Ranch.

Timed segment locations to be announced soon!