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The Cycling Market

More than 59.2 million Americans ride bicycles. Women comprise 46 percent of these cyclists. This segment of the market is not only growing in numbers, but increasing their spending clout.

America’s cyclists can be described as upscale, active, and open-minded. This can make them an attractive target for industries other than cycling. The average age of all American cyclists is 27. The average age of all participants is 45.

The cyclists attracted to all events are older, married, and have more disposable income to spend on their passions. Cycling ranks third behind walking and swimming as the most popular participation sport.


The Colorado Cyclist

$1,184,126,635 – Annual spend on road biking $612,380,202 – Annual spend on mountain biking

2.3 million Coloradans own a bike or 73% of Colorado residents. 25% own three or more bikes, and 43% of all Coloradans reported riding recreationally at least once in the previous year.

Generally, the higher your income the more likely you were to have ridden a bike. About 50% of people with income over $76,000 reported riding more that 3 times per week.

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