Save money with the Pedal Pass

For one low price, the Pedal Pass offers entries into a combination of Roll Massif sportives: Wild Horse Gravel, Sunrise to Sunset Elephant Rock, Elephant Rock, Copper Triangle, Crooked Gravel, Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park, Tour de Vineyards and Tour of the Moon. Choose between our new Sunrise to Sunset Pass, 3-Pack, 4-Pack, VIP Pass or Massif Pass.

Elevate your season today!


Purchase three Roll Massif events and receive 20% off OR buy four Roll Massif events and receive 25% off.


Choose both Sunrise to Sunset events and receive 20% off


20% off the Standard Price 

 Includes the VIP experiences at Tour de Vineyards and Tour of the Moon.


The Massif Pass is the mother of all passes. Save 30% off on all sportives. This pass includes seven events. Go big this year. Go Massif!

In addition
Receive 10% off our offical store for the calander year
1-year subscription to your choice of Velonews, Triathele or Women’s Running magazines.

Hear what others are saying!

The Pedal Pass is without a doubt the way to go. The added benefits, ease, access and fun for each ride added another layer to the experience and took it to a whole other level. If you don’t get a Pedal Pass you’re missing out.”

Bryan Blakely

“As all the events are killer, and the friendships and camaraderie with fellow cyclists are like none other, buying a Pedal Pass is a no-brainer!”

J.D. Maniscalco

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

for the 3- and 4-packs, when do i pick sportives?

Select your choice of three or four sportives when you purchase the Pedal Pass. Please note that Crooked Gravel and Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park are on the same day; otherwise select any combination of sportives that you like.

there are 8 roll massif sportives. Why does the massif pass include 7 and not all 8?

Good question! The Massif Pass includes seven sportives because Crooked Gravel and Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park are on the same day. We know you are fast, but even you can’t do both in one day! So take your pick between those two, and then do all six of the rest Roll Massif sportives.

What events have VIP experiences?

The VIP Pass is the ultimate roadie package, incorporating entries into Tour de Vineyards and Tour of the Moon.

Are the passes refundable or transferable?

No, all sales are final and are not transferable.  Once you register for any pass, they can only be used in the current year.