Roll Massif, explained

We offer iconic courses from Alpine terrain to the Colorado National Monument, with a range of distances and challenges to suit most all abilities.

We don’t have categories; you choose your course, how you want to ride it and who you want to ride with. 

For some, just finishing a long course is an achievement. More competitive folks enjoy racing timed segments (if applicable). And everybody enjoys surfing the energy of the group; our sportives range from 300 to 5,000 riders.

Oh, and about the pronunciation… it’s Roll Mas-seef; the last syllable rhymes with Great Barrier Reef.


Is it a ride or a race?

Neither; Roll Massif is a sportive! You get to choose your own adventure, and ride at whatever pace you like. You can take the timed segments as seriously or as frivolously as you like. Even if you choose to ride hard and fast, we encourage you to stop and take in the scenery, wait for your friends, and enjoy the feed stops. 

Bucket list road cycling… with breathtaking high desert scenery and beautiful roads. You get the benefit of partial road closures, on-course aid stations, live music, good food, and a beer garden waiting for you at the finish.

Veteran cycling journalist Jason Sumner, on Tour of the Moon

We really enjoyed the mix of relaxed riding and competitive elements at the Tour de Vineyards. It allowed us to enjoy the day and the beautiful scenery, and then put in a good effort on the climb up Reeder Mesa. It’s the perfect balance.

QOM/KOM Chelsea Merchant & Steve Hedeman

Choose your sportive

Go ahead, give gravel grinding a go. If hot laps are your thing, team up with MTB buddies on a Sunrise to Sunset. And don’t forget the classics; you’ll have to roll at least one of Colorado’s supreme road sportives this year.